Universal Access: Oceans of Opportunities

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19OPCC Program

The innovative 19OPCC Conference program has been tailor-made for the industry, by the industry, through submissions via the Call for Abstract process and from learnings and feedback from the 2017 Conference in Adelaide.

Our vast selection of plenary sessions, workshops, presentations and networking events will canvas a wide range of issues and topic areas that are important to the entire palliative care sector.

Our world-class line-up of keynote speakers, panellists and presenters have extensive experience to both inform and inspire the audience and open their minds to the possibilities of the future.

Come and meet more than 900 clinicians, researchers, allied health practitioners,  educators, and carers and more who all have a passion for palliative care.

All set in Perth, WA – one of Australia’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan coastal cities. Dive in to the 2019 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference – the opportunities are endless!

Universal Access: Oceans of Opportunities

The theme for the inaugural Oceanic Palliative Care Conference is Universal Access: Oceans of Opportunities. 

The theme will allow for exploration of palliative care as a human right and what can be done to ensure people from underserved populations can access palliative care and have their pain and other symptoms managed at the end of life.

The conference will promote the concept that palliative care should be available to everyone, regardless of their location, age, income, diagnosis, prognosis, gender, sexual orientation, social background or cultural origin.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) lists palliative care as a human right to health but currently worldwide only 14% of people of people who need palliative care receive it.

We challenge you to have input into the ‘Perth Statement’ – a call to action from delegates at #19OPCC for governments and community to address the palliative care needs of the oceanic region. There will be many opportunities to be involved and contribute to the development of this document, which will be used to benchmark what we collectively achieve by the 2021 conference, including:

  • using the app to ‘like’ draft content that will be drawn from listening to session and delegates throughout the conference,
  • dedicated time at the PCA Lounge to share your views
  • share what is happening through social media
  • attendance at the last session on Friday for the release of the draft Statement (and have the chance to win registration to the 2021 conference!)
  • join us for a group photo to be released with the final Statement to show strength in numbers.

More details will be released closer to the conference.

Program Features

Program Overview

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Pre-Conference Workshops & Study Tours

Exhibition bump-in

Welcome ‘Cocktail’ Experience (included) within Exhibition

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Full Day Conference & Exhibition

Presidents’ Reception & ‘Dying to Talk’ Art Competition Launch (invite only)

Flinders University Alumni Networking Event (invite only)

Taste of Perth Dinners (optional)

Thursday 12 September 2019

Meet the Experts Breakfast (Optional)

Full Day Conference & Exhibition

Gala & Palliative Care Awards Dinner (included)

Friday 13 September 2019

Full Day Conference & Exhibition

Conference close 3.30pm

Exhibition bump-out from 1pm

*Program subject to change. Refer to registration pages for networking inclusions and costs.