Conference Supporter and Donor of pearl for 19OPCC Raffle

Willie Creek Pearls

Willie Creek Pearls offer the complete pearl experience, from telling the story of history and pearling in Broome, to educating thousands of visitors a year about modern-day Pearling, right through to commercial pearl farming and jewellery manufacture, we are passionate about every part of the unique story of the Pearl of Western Australia, from shell to showroom. We are dedicated to delivering unique and memorable tourism, retail and hospitality experiences to all of our visitors.

After it’s humble beginnings in Broome and 30 years of operation, Willie Creek Pearls proudly remains a family owned and operated business.

You’ll now find Willie Creek Showrooms at seven locations across Broome and Perth, where our expert staff await to offer you a warm welcome and share their fascinating knowledge on nature’s true gem, the pearl! We invite you to join us on one of our many unique pearl experiences, including our famous Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour, a journey back in time at Pearl Luggers or even to harvest your very own pearl in Perth at Elizabeth Quay

We believe that pearls are the most captivating and timeless gem of them all and are so proud to have our pearls worn by our customers around the world, cherished for a lifetime and passed down through generations. We look forward to taking you on a journey of pearl discovery.