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CareSearch (www.caresearch.com.au) is an online resource providing free access to evidence-based information and resources about palliative care that are relevant across the life-course and across the system. The evidence-based content on the website is reviewed through internal and external processes for quality and relevance and reflects the multidisciplinary nature of palliative care practice. Just as trustworthy information can help patients, carers, and families understand what is happening and to make informed decisions, research evidence supports clinicians to provide the best possible care. CareSearch is managed by Flinders University and funded by the Government Department of Health.

palliAGED (www.palliaged.com.au) is an online resource for aged care providing free access to evidence-based palliative care and end-of-life guidance and links to useful resources, tools and projects. Based on APRAC and COMPAC guidelines, palliAGED is the up-to-date palliative care resource for aged care. An Evidence Centre and a Practice Centre means that aged care staff and health professionals have easy access to the evidence, and guidance on how to use it in providing care. palliAGED improves aged care by sharing what is known to be effective from the research evidence. palliAGED is managed by CareSearch, Flinders University and is funded by the Government Department of Health.