Briony Lyle

Briony Lyle

Lived Experience Invited Plenary Speaker
We are delighted to announce that Mrs Briony Lyle will be our guest keynote speaker at a special Q&A plenary session about lived experience. Briony will be joined on stage by palliative care nurse, and Jarrod’s aunt, Kerrie Fitzpatrick. Together they will present Caring for Jarrod: A shared palliative care experience.

Briony Lyle is a small business owner who lives in Torquay, Victoria with her two young daughters, Lusi and Jemma. Her husband Jarrod Lyle was a well respected Australian professional golfer who died at home just shy of his 37th birthday in August 2018, following his third cancer diagnosis since the age of 17.

Briony and Jarrod met at high school in their regional hometown of Shepparton, and she was by side throughout the highs and lows of his extraordinary golfing career, cancer diagnosis, treatment and palliative care.

Since Jarrod’s passing Briony has continued the couple’s commitment to the Challenge kids’ cancer foundation, raising money for the charity via their highly successful Leuk the Duck campaign and merchandise range. Briony is currently co-authoring a book about Jarrod’s life and legacy based on his final recordings.