Lived Experience guest speaker, Briony Lyle

Briony Lyle will share insights from her extraordinary life journey with late husband, professional golfer Jarrod Lyle, at the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference this September. From their high school days in Shepparton, Victoria to the world sporting stage – Briony was by Jarrod’s side throughout the highs and lows of his professional sporting career, multiple cancer diagnosis and palliative care. In a special Q&A plenary session ‘Caring for Jarrod – A shared palliative care experience’ Briony will be joined on stage by Jarrod’s Aunt and palliative care nurse, Kerrie Fitzpatrick – who helped care for her nephew, Jarrod, at the end of his life.

Briony spoke to Palliative Matters recently about life since Jarrod’s death last August and her passion for her cancer charity work as part of Challenge’s #DoingItForJarrod campaign.

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