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Oceanic Palliative Care Conference 2021
Oceanic Palliative Care Conference 2021
Palliative Care Qld

Palliative Care Qld

About Palliative Care Qld

Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ) is the leading charity and peak body for Palliative Care in Queensland. Our vision is to hear Queenslanders say:
“I live in a community where everybody recognises that we all have a role to play in supporting each other in times of loss, ageing, dying and grief. We are ready, willing and confident to have conversations about living, ageing, dying and grieving well and to support each other in emotional and practical ways.”
PCQ has been operating for over 30 years, has over 300 organisational and individual members and is a founding member of Palliative Care Australia. PCQ members include health, social and community organisations (including specialist, aged care, primary and community care organisations), health professionals across all sectors of health (including specialist, generalist and primary palliative care), as well as consumers and interested members of the Queensland community. Collectively the PCQ membership body holds tremendous knowledge and wisdom about the challenges the sector faces and the opportunity those challenges can bring.
PCQ operates via two streams:
  • Queensland Palliative Care Sector stream
The Queensland Palliative Care Sector (QPCS) stream supports palliative care policy development and sector advocacy as well as demonstrating the value of palliative care through awareness, engagement and capacity building initiatives.
Particular initiatives of the QPCS stream include:
§  PCQ Networks and Communities of Practice
§  Palliative care is… awareness campaign
  • Queensland Compassionate Communities stream
The Queensland Compassionate Communities (QCC) stream is the community arm of PCQ and acts as an advocate, navigator, educator and awareness raiser for the Queensland community. QCC collaborates with communities and promotes partnerships, community development and engagement.
Particular initiatives of the QCC stream include:
§  Last Aid
§  PalliChat 
§  Queensland Compassionate Community Networks

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